Creative Services

A Flexible, Economic Approach

We believe you should only pay for what you need, and nothing more! Our business model focuses on transparency and flexibility with pricing to fit your budget.


Upgrade or
downgrade your package any month

Team Support

Every team member is involved in getting the
job done.


Fair-market rates that cover the entire cost of
the project.

Creative solutions to build successful brands

Our graphics, advertising, and marketing services include logos, stationery suites, brochures, website design, social media, general digital marketing, and much, much more. Our focus is to provide you with the marketing tools your business needs to succeed.


Want to create a brand or corporate identity that customers want to engage?

Our team will design your logo, and apply it to collaterals like business cards, letterheads, notepads, invoices, receipts, credit notes, envelopes, stamps, and other materials that will take your business to the next level. We’ll also include a visual guideline to ensure consistency of your brand.


A wide range of print and digital design services.

This includes all necessary creatives services. Whether you need to create or update a flyer, brochure, banner, or product catalogue, we can do it! PowerPoint presentations are also in our repertoire.


Still and animated social media posts that enrich your social media channels

Our team can create social media visual content, still and animated graphics, GIFs, and any other format for your social media posts. Whether you require a voice-over or subtitle, we do it all and for all social media channels


Various packaging solutions and product labels, free sampling packages, and much more!

We can create or update your packaging solutions and labelling for all products. This covers final product packaging design, variable labels, sales packs, and
all packaging requirements.

Flexible hours tailoured to your needs

Our packages are tailored to fit any requirements you may have during a given month. And they’re flexible! Feel free to upgrade or downgrade between packages, whenever you see fit.


10 hours per month
Full team support

AED 2,500


20 hours per month
Full team support

AED 4,800


30 hours per month
Full team support

AED 6,900


40 hours per month
Full team support

AED 8,800


40+ hours per month
Full team support

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All Packages Include

Full team support
Flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, and even cancel*
All our services with no limitations
0-2 business day turnaround time



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    Always a pleasure to work with Sketches! Their team provides just the right balance of professionalism, creativity, and great customer service to suit our needs. Having undertaken a number of projects with them in a short time, we were always delighted with the outcome of their work.

    Souad Jallad
    Ideal Standard Gulf FZCO

    We take our marketing efforts seriously and have always maintained high standards and followed cultural trends to connect with our guests. We are delighted by the results of “Sketches” campaigns. It’s been refreshing working with a collaborative agency team that understands our brand and market. Together, we’ve launched fun, relevant campaigns that captured our members’ attention and business.

    Sabra Thani
    Lapita, Dubai Parks & Resorts Autograph Collection

    Having worked closely with Charlotte for a couple of weeks, I am truly confident in expressing my endorsement. The team did a great job in understanding the requirements of the project and capturing the essence of the brand – Got exactly what I was looking for in less time than I thought! – Easy going, Fast & dedicated!

    Komal Dahar
    Bausch and Lomb – Vision Care

    “ I just wanted to let you know that it’s been great working with you, I’ve got a great project from you guys”

    Wish you all the best and hope to work together again.

    Aly Elgharably
    TOYOTA Connected Middle East FZCO

    “For the short time we have been with Sketches it’s evident that they go above and beyond to deliver high quality, engaging content. We’re really looking forward to seeing what they produce next!”

    Chris Venske
    Organic Oil Recovery

    Always quick to respond to our requestS with innovative ideas. We couldn’t work without them! Rock On!

    Hard Rock Cafe team

    Our Happy Clients

    Package Name: AED 2,500